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We exist for one purpose: to help communities.

We are honored every time you call on us to help serve your community.

A self-sustaining government organization, Sourcewell has over 40 years of dedicated service helping government, education, and nonprofit agencies operate more efficiently through a variety of solutions.

Leadership & governance

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Board of Trustees

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Provide leading solutions that empower community success.


We are a force multiplier.


  • Seek.  Be curious.

  • Empower.  Be accountable and liberate others.

  • Impact.  Be a difference maker.

Common questions

    Yes. Sourcewell is a service cooperative created by the Minnesota legislature as a local unit of government (Minn. Const. art. XII, sec. 3). Sourcewell is governed by local elected municipal officials and school board members. Minn. Stat. § 123A.21 Subd. 4 (2017). As a public agency, all Sourcewell employees are government employees.

    All education and government entities, as well as nonpublic schools and nonprofit organizations, can register with Sourcewell as a participating agency by completing a simple online registration form

    A Board of Directors governs Sourcewell, and is elected by full-voting members from a pool of county commissioners, city council members, mayors, or school board members from our five-county service area.

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