A better way

A user-focused approach makes for successful technology implementation

Case Study: Sioux Falls Public Schools officials faced a dilemma

Support for their finance and human relations system was ending. The largest school district in South Dakota needed a new solution and a trusted partner to help them find and transition to a new platform. The district approached Sourcewell, a PowerSchool Certified Services partner, for recommendations.

Primary goal

Successfully migrate multiple outdated systems into one, unified Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) ecosystem.

Secondary goals

The following goals were established to guide engagement success:

  1. Transitioning from a self-hosted solution to a Sourcewell-hosted solution for a better cost-benefit.

  2. Migrating historical data and moving from a self-hosted system to a Tier III purpose-built commercial data center with an enterprise-class physical and virtual server and network infrastructure.

  3. Build a solution not just a tool. Because the district provides a combination of benefit options to meet the needs of districts staff and the families they serve, it would be a challenge to move from a homegrown system and still attend to the district’s unique requirements and needs for efficient processing - all while making minimal disruptions for end users.

  4. Embracing and implementing successful change throughout the district. Understanding the impact of change, and leading educators and staff through it, can be a difficult and time-consuming process.


Through a deep understanding of the district’s specific needs and goals, Sourcewell recommended a unified HR, payroll, and finance ERP solution—eFinancePlus™. The team engaged in the Sourcewell Onboarding Advantage featuring customized, user-focused implementation and training. Operating on the premise that user adoption is key to receiving the maximum benefit from systems, the Onboarding Advantage framework guided the team to:

  • Define roles, set learning targets, and develop a plan for monitoring adoption

  • Map out clear goals and processes to lay the foundation for addressing concerns openly and quickly

  • Develop customized training focused on change management. More than 200 hours to onsite training were completed utilizing the district’s own data

  • Maximize efficiency in technology systems to migrate accounts, establish new security parameters, convert to off-site hosting, import and export data from third-party benefits software, and create a secure file sharing platform and data warehouse


The main goal of the project - migrating to a new finance, human resources and payroll solution - was achieved.

However, the additional goals agreed upon by the team were the ultimate measures of success. System embracement and utilization are the difference between a tool and integrated systems and processes creating efficiencies for the whole team.

Trained experts

With hours of hands-on training behind them, users felt confident in using the system and getting the most out of it. They had opportunity to create unique workflows and customize data to meet district needs.

Lower operational costs

The elimination of redundant systems and tasks, improved workflow, enhanced efficiency, and cross-functional collaboration and communication enabled some newly realized savings.

Improved technology & security

The team integrated systems, streamlined reporting, and created efficiencies for the district by outsourcing service management. Sourcewell built an integration to systematically transfer necessary data and provide district staff with an efficient means to collaborate for more informed decisions.

"Sourcewell experts were outstanding in all aspects of the training process - demonstrating excellent attention to detail while listening to our needs."

- Todd Vik, assistant superintendent of finance and operations, Sioux Falls Public Schools

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